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Regions in Ecuador

Ecuador is made up of 24 primary administrative regions. Have a closer look at the regions in Ecuador. Information on all primary administrative regions in Ecuador.

Please note that unfortunately population data are not available for all regions in Ecuador.

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Primary administrative regions in Ecuador

There are 24 regions in Ecuador in the primary administrative level.
Primary administrative regions in Ecuador
RegionNoPopulationCapitalCapital population
Tungurahua Provincia del Tungurahua1.581,389Ambato Ambato154,369
Canar Provincia del Cañar2.58,185Azogues Azogues34,877
Los Rios Provincia de Los Ríos3.778,115Babahoyo Babahoyo76,279
Azuay Provincia del Azuay4.712,127Cuenca Cuenca276,964
Esmeraldas Provincia de Esmeraldas5.534,092Esmeraldas Esmeraldas165,216
Bolivar Provincia de Bolívar6.183,641Guaranda Guaranda22,199
Guayas Provincia del Guayas7.3,645,483Guayaquil Guayaquil1,952,029
Imbabura Provincia de Imbabura8.398,244Ibarra Ibarra132,977
Cotopaxi Provincia de Cotopaxi9.409,205Latacunga Latacunga51,717
Loja Provincia de Loja10.-Loja Loja117,796
Morona-Santiago Provincia de Morona-Santiago11.147,940Macas Macas23,687
El Oro Provincia de El Oro12.600,659Machala Machala198,123
Sucumbios Provincia de Sucumbíos13.176,472Nueva Loja Nueva Loja24,211
Manabi Provincia de Manabí14.-Portoviejo Portoviejo170,326
Galapagos Provincia de Galápagos15.25,124Puerto Baquerizo Moreno Puerto Baquerizo Moreno4,214
Orellana Provincia de Francisco de Orellana16.136,396Puerto Francisco de Orellana Puerto Francisco de Orellana48,144
Pastaza Provincia del Pastaza17.83,933Puyo Puyo24,881
Pichincha Provincia de Pichincha18.2,576,287Quito Quito1,399,814
Chimborazo Provincia del Chimborazo19.458,581Riobamba Riobamba124,478
Santa Elena Provincia de Santa Elena20.308,693Santa Elena Santa Elena42,214
Santo Domingo de los Tsachilas Provincia de Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas21.368,013Santo Domingo de los Colorados Santo Domingo de los Colorados200,421
Napo Provincia de Napo22.103,697Tena Tena17,172
Carchi Provincia del Carchi23.164,524Tulcan Tulcán86,498
Zamora-Chinchipe Provincia de Zamora-Chinchipe24.91,376Zamora Zamora15,276